For 2 year-old children

If your child has completed 2 years he or she will be able to get his / her first school enrollment in a unique environment where we provide a specially designed program of early education for pre-schoolers.


Thanks to this extra year of learning, your child will get an opportunity to attend not the usual three, but four years in kindergarten.


Like in other years of kindergarten, there is a customized program where your child will experience new situations, develop motor skills and relational as well as logical abilities.

Instructions for learning focus around five areas:

  • to involve language in all its dimensions
  • to act, to express oneself, to understand through physical activities
  • to act, to express oneself, to understand through artistic activities
  • to build the first tools to structure one’s thinking
  • to explore the surrounding environment


The pace of a toddlers life is always taken into consideration. Indeed, a full day at school could be very long for them. The Pre-School therefore can be a half day spent at school and the afternoon resting at home. This gives them a chance to adapt to school life in their early years.