A french-indian symphony

At the canteen this year, a new team is preparing the menus. During the course of the last school year the canteen manager assisted by the canteen commission tested a few candidates to work the kitchen at school. The candidates were selected on criteria like: kids’ appreciation, health and hygiene. The selected contractor is called ‘Bon Appetit’. The meals are prepared at the school premises, according to menus proposed by a parents’ committee. The students come to the cafeteria class by class from 11:30 until 2:00. The cost of each meal is INR 235 for secondary students and INR 200 for scholarship students.

Internal control and quality manuel introduction

We do ensure the safety of pupils that our school canteen in the insist that an internal control is maintained as specified by regulations. This includes ensuring that incoming products are organic and are in adequate condition. When received and also that the daily temperature of perishable product on the plats meals is monitored and also that cleaning plans are followed and that Hygienic rules are being respected. This manual provides information on our higher standards following guidelines in respective Canteen. Find here the Canteen hygiene rules.

The Menu of the week is available on the Pronote Application.
All primary students are automatically enrolled in the canteen on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Accordingly, the students of 6ème to 3ème are enrolled in the canteen based on their class time table.
Lunch expenses are included in the school fees for primary and college levels.
Parents must register their ward in the canteen in case the student is enrolled for the extracurricular activities on Wednesdays and Fridays.
High school students (2nde to Tle) are not enrolled in the canteen by default. As appropriate, they will have to register in the canteen before start of each term, specifying the selected days.
Subscriptions are on an annual basis. Modifications shall not be accepted until the end of   each billing period: changes must be made in writing before the beginning of the following period. These periods correspond to the school fee billing periods:
  •    Period 1: September -December (Christmas holidays)
  •    Period 2: January -April (spring holidays)
  •    Period 3: May- to the end of the school year.