Sir, Madam, Dear Parents,

By enrolling your child at the Lycée Français International de Delhi (LFID), you are becoming a part of the network of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). This network comprises nearly 600 educational institutions in over 130 countries, all offering education approved by the French Ministry of National Education. This accreditation certifies that our teaching aligns with the requirements, curriculum, pedagogical objectives, and organizational principles of the French education system.

The education at LFID is provided by caring teachers with strong professional training. This rigorous educational approach seeks to cultivate critical thinking and uphold the values of equality, freedom, and fraternity, which permeate our school community in various ways.

The Lycée Français International de Delhi is a secular institution: students of all faiths or those with no religious affiliation are treated with equal consideration and respect. Religious proselytism is strictly prohibited.

Our institution is deeply committed to its host country, India. Our mission is to help our students discover the culture, grandeur, and richness of India, both in the classroom and through extracurricular activities, which will be offered again this year.

LFID also provides diverse and enriching language pathways, fostering your child’s global perspective. While French remains the primary language of instruction at LFID, we offer enhanced English programs from elementary to high school. Additionally, Hindi is taught in elementary and middle school, and Spanish and German are available in secondary school, not to mention Latin. Upon completing the French educational program, the baccalaureate diploma opens doors to prestigious universities, both in France and worldwide. Once again this year, the LFID teams will provide personalized support to students navigating the post-Baccalaureate admission process.

All LFID teams are wholeheartedly committed to the growth and success of each of our students and staff members.

Yours respectfully,

François PAVÉ

Principal of LFID