Dear Madam /Sir, Dear parents of students,

By enrolling your child in the Lycée Français International de Delhi (LFID), you are making him/her part of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) network. This network, which includes 566 schools in 138 countries in 2022, offers a curriculum accredited by the board of the French Ministry of Education. This accreditation certifies the conformity to the teaching requirements, programmes, pedagogical objectives and organisational rules of the French education system.

All teachers working in the LFID have a solid professional background. The aim of our challenging curriculum is to develop critical thinking and to promote the values of equality, freedom and fraternity, which are expressed in different ways in the life of the school.

The school is also oriented towards its host country: India. Students will discover the culture, grandeur and richness of India not only through academics but also through the extra-curricular activities that are offered in the school.

The LFID also offers rich and varied language courses, a real guarantee of your child’s openness to the world. While French remains the main language of instruction at LFID, students are offered enhanced courses in English. In addition, Hindi is taught in the primary and middle school; Spanish, German and Latin are taught from Grade 7 onwards.

At the end of the final year in school, the French Baccalaureate examination allows students to enter the most prestigious universities, both in France and in the rest of the world. Once again this year, the LFID team will guide and support students on an individual basis in their post-baccalaureate admission process.

Just like the two previous years, the 2022-2023 school year too will be affected by the covid-19 pandemic. We will therefore continue to implement a rigorous health protocol, drawn up with our school doctor, in order to protect the health of each of our students and staff. Compliance with this protocol is everyone’s responsibility. Its application must guarantee as much as possible a face-to-face teaching in the interest of our students and their teachers.

Know that behind the masks, our staff is wearing a big smile to welcome your children, our students, to the new school year. The entire LFID team is fully mobilised to ensure that this school year is a year of fulfilment and success for all our students and staff.

Yours respectfully

New Delhi, Monday 29 August 2022

François PAVÉ

Proviseur du LFID – Headmaster