Primary School

From Petite Section (PS – first level of kindergarten) to Year 6 (CM2), LFID provides a challenging curriculum which has been established by the French Ministry of Education.

Our curriculum at LFID focuses on the 5 main areas of learning:

  • Involvement with language in all its dimensions
  • Action, self-expression and understanding through physical activities
  • Action, self-expression and understanding through artistic activities
  • Building the foundations for independent thinking
  • Exploring the world around


For more details please visit the Eduscol website here


Educational Improvement – prioritizing continuity of learning

From academic year 2016 – 2017 new cycles and curriculum were put in place for Primary and Lower Secondary:

  • Cycle 1 : PS, MS, GS (RC – Year1)
  • Cycle 2 : CP, CE1, CE2 (Year 2 – Year 4)
  • Cycle 3 : CM1, CM2, 6ème (Year 5 – Year 7)
  • Cycle 4 : 5ème, 4ème, 3ème (Year 8 – Year 10)


For more details please visit the Eduscol website here


For us the success of each student is our priority and the curriculum for each subject has been structured around a 3 year cycle to ensure continuity throughout the 9 years of mandatory schooling.

The main changes to the curriculum are based on continuity and consistency across subjects to allow improved tracking of student progress.

Cycle 3 which connect year 7 with primary school ensures a transition and a continuity of teaching and education between Primary and Lower Secondary. All pedagogical developments are accompanied by enrichment projects driven by the whole education community which allow for a perfect fit between students and the French education system.