Our mission


A desire to impart educational excellence is at the core of our Mission at the Lycée Français International de Delhi (LFID). We would like our students – French, Indian or from other countries, to benefit from an education that stimulates them to give their best and enables them to use their maximum academic potential. A holistic teaching conforming to a curriculum developed by the French Ministry of Education, an expert and motivated team of teachers, small class size, stimulating school projects, individual approach and attention are some of the key elements of our success with our students at LFID.

Decidedly French but rooted in India, we prepare our students to become future citizens of the world – open minded and involved in a multi-cultural society. With students from over 40 countries speaking more than 25 languages, a dedicated team of French and Indian teachers, regular academic and cultural interaction with Indian Institutions, the LFID offers experience of an International education to each student.


Our Values: Sharing a French heritage

Known for its rigors of research and reasoning, French education system prepares students to become future citizens of the world who are cultured, curious and responsible towards humanity and themselves. LFID encourages a spirit of enquiry, independent thinking and critical analysis..

Our Vision: An action plan which defines programs for 3 years

LFID plans its activities in a framework of continued progression. The School Charter defines a 3 year integrated program of strategic direction with a detailed action plan whose aim is to make use of relevant and innovative teaching techniques which keep pace with our rapidly changing and complex world. The plan developed for years 2019 – 2022 was the result of a joint brainstorming within the institution. It is based on 3 themes:

  1. Achieving an academic and linguistic journey for each student

An individual approach and attention is assured to each student keeping the child’s cultural background in mind so that he or she is able to integrate effectively in the school. Non-French speaking children at LFID take no time in reaching fluency in the French language making it easy for them to comprehend their lessons and succeed in exams.

At LFID we constantly update our resources in order to reach higher standards. Teachers are regularly sent on academic training programs to improve their teaching skills.

  1. Promote personal development through community, artistic, sports and outdoor education

LFID lays special emphasis in partnering with the host country, India, in promoting inter-cultural exchanges as we think arts, sports and other extra-curricular activities are important for an all-round development in a child.

  1. Develop the influence and appeal of LFID, especially in our host country

We are continuously engaged with the local community and Institutions of the host country to not only promote an inclusive culture but also take French culture to establish a cohesive bond between our school and the host country.

We are committed to welcome all Indian and International families who have decided that Lycée Français International de Delhi is the school of choice for their child. We strive to make LFID not only a place of excellence but a warm and welcoming environment for our students and families. LFID’s endeavor is to impart a holistic education in an International environment and prepare future citizens of the world who can play an important role in a multi-cultural society.

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