The Lycée Français International de Delhi (LFID) is an institution with parental management. The governing body is the APE, the Parents’ Association, which delegates its day-to-day management to a Board of Directors.


An agreement concluded with the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) defines the role of the Board of Directors as well as the mission of the management team made up of the Principal and the Director of primary school.

APE Management Committee or Board of Directors

The board of directors’ mission is to ensure the governance and management of the institution around 5 fields of action: Human Resources; Finance; Communication, marketing and development; Renovation, hygiene and security.

The board of directors is elected for a year. Outgoing board members may stand for re-election. There is no limitation on the number of mandates.

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School Committee

The school committee concerns the whole school: kindergarten, elementary and high school. It adopts the School Project “Projet d’Etablissement”, the school rules, the schedules and the calendar of the year, the plan of continuous training of the employees, the map of the jobs of the school. It issues an opinion on pedagogical questions (number and composition of classes, languages, personalized support, individualized reception of students, educational actions, school trips, organization of school life, etc.).

The governing board, chaired by the school head, is the main body that has jurisdiction over the educational and educational life of the LFID. Three elected parents sit on the governing board.


Primary School Committee

The primary school committee is an advisory body. It gives opinions on issues related to the functioning and life of kindergarten and elementary school: number and composition of classes, schedules, calendar, pedagogy and language map, schooling of students with disabilities, school catering, equipment and educational tools as well as questions relating to

Procedures for the elections of parents in these bodies

The parents are all members of the LFID Parents Association, the governing body of the school. As such, and according to the statutes of the APE, they elect their representatives to the board of directors, the school committee and the primary school committee for a period of one year.

Parents who want to participate in these bodies are invited to apply according to a schedule communicated to all parents by the school management, and posted at the entrance of the institution. Candidates must provide a photocopy of ID, a photo and a few lines written on their motivation.

The conduct of the election and the voting operations are directed by the president in office or by a member of the board of directors mandated by the president.