The French kindergarten (maternelle) is an integrated first phase of the educational system. Maternelle teachers have the same training and experience as primary teachers. Over the three years (petite section (PS), moyenne section (MS) and grande section (GS), they begin preparing the children for the elementary school (compulsory at age 6).


At LFID, the curriculum for kindergarten is French but the teaching is imparted in two languages (French-English).

LFID offers a curriculum that is progressive, coherent and able to bring out the ability to reason in the child. It is also adapted taking into account the linguistic profile of the student. Depending on this profile students get support from specialized teachers in French or English. This support could be for a short period or throughout an academic year depending on the particular need of the student.

Kindergarten curriculum is designed to nurture autonomy and provide a foundation of knowledge and competencies to be able to progress to the next level which is the CP (entry level of the primary school).

At LFID, a special commission looks after the continuity of curriculum between kindergarten primary school for every child.