The Lycée Français International de Delhi is managed by the Parents’ Association, which entered into an agreement with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) in 2002. Acting on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Agency entrusts LFID with a public service mission and, in exchange, provides support through the following initiatives:

– Recruitment and deployment of an expatriate school principal and primary school director.

– Recruitment and deployment, with participation, of detached teachers for primary and secondary education.

– Pedagogical support, including visits from the Inspector of National Education based in the zone and pedagogical advisors.

– Access for LFID personnel, both detached and locally recruited, to the zone’s continuing education program.

– Scholarships for eligible French students.

– Grants for educational projects.

– As part of a network of nearly 600 institutions located in over 130 countries.

LFID belongs to the Asia-Pacific zone of AEFE. The Deputy Coordinator of the AEFE’s Directorate (CDAEFE) represents the Agency in the zone. In India, the AEFE is represented by the Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Action, a senior official of the French Embassy.