Our Network

Lycée Français International de Delhi is managed by the Parents’ Association, which signed an agreement with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE) in 2002.

The AEFE, which operates on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, entrusts a public service mission to the LFID, and provides support through the following actions:

* Recruiting and appointing the Principal and primary school headmaster.

* Recruiting and assigning teachers to primary and secondary school

* Providing education counselors and pedagogical support through the Education Inspector.

* Training of teachers

* Scholarships for eligible French students

* Grants for educational activities

Thus integrated into a network of nearly 543 institutions in 138 countries, the Lycée Français International de Delhi comes under the Middle East and Indian Peninsula area, which has about forty institutions.

A Coordinator of the Management represents the AEFE in the area. In the country, the AEFE is represented by the Advisor for Cooperation and Cultural Action.