Graduated in 2019

``The beauty of the French curriculum is that it truly opens many doors, whether it be in terms of career paths or international universities.``

I was a student at the LFID from the ages of 5 to 17, from kindergarten all through high school and I  graduated in the year of 2019 with High Honours. 

How would you assess your studies at the LFID? 

Overall, I would describe my time here as a wonderful one. What made going to LFID such a  positive experience was the rapport I built not only with my fellow classmates but also with my  professors. Having smaller classrooms allowed us to each receive an almost personalised education  as teachers knew our strengths, weaknesses and needs, allowing them to guide us in the best way  possible. This kind of dynamic was undeniably valuable and it undoubtedly helped me fulfil my  potential to the maximum. 

Would you advise an Indian student to choose the French curriculum and why? 

In short, yes. I would definitely suggest it to anybody. The beauty of the French curriculum is that it  truly opens many doors, whether it be in terms of career paths or international universities. I also  believe that the way in which your studies can be tailored to your interests and fortes as soon as la  classe de première, equivalent to 11th grade, is specific to the French baccalaureate and is very  beneficial to students who will make choices for their future goals. Moreover, the LFID being a  French International school, as students we are exposed to diverse cultures from a very early age  which is truly what I personally loved about growing up here. Learning how to work with others  coming from all parts of the world and being conscious of our cultural differences is now more than  ever, a crucial skill for everybody, no matter which career path you take. These qualities that I have  gained thanks to my years at the LFID have been key in my success for my current studies at ESCP  Business School. 

Any memorable moment or favourite story of your time at LFID? 

Picking one highlight from my 12 years at the LFID would be tough, but I must say that one  recurrent event that I have kept very fond memories of is the ‘Dia de hispanidad‘. It truly captured  the school’s essence; everybody from staff to students all dressed in the same colours, performing  and engaging in different activities to celebrate the Spanish language and beautiful Hispanic  culture. A close second would be seeing peacocks and monkeys on the roofs! 

What are you currently studying? 

I am currently a third-year student at ESCP Business School. The Bachelor of Science in  Management (BSc) is a great programme for those wanting an international career in business. It is  a very unique curriculum which combines core Management disciplines with liberal arts,  humanities and languages but what’s even more interesting is that it allows you to change  countries every year, giving students like me the opportunity to experience life in major European  cities while also receiving a prestigious education. After spending my first year in London and  recently completing my second in Paris, I now look ahead to my final year in Berlin.