Meant for reading, culture, research and teaching activities, the BCDI is an area dedicated for enrichment. It welcomes students of kindergarten through final year as well as the administrative and teaching faculty of the school.

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Monday 8:15hr – 13:15hr & 14hr – 17hr
Tuesday 8:15hr – 13:15hr & 14hr – 17hr
Wednesday 8:15hr – 14hr
Thursday 8:15hr – 13:15hr & 14hr – 16hr
Friday 8:15hr – 13:15hr & 14hr – 16hr


Borrowing rules


The moyenne section students are accompanied to the library by their teacher for ½ hour every week. Together they select books that will be read in the class.


From grande section through CM2, each class comes with their class teacher for ½ hour every week to return and borrow books that the students can take home. The library also remains open to students of CE1through CM2 for a borrowing period during one recess every week.

Students are free to choose the books they want to borrow apart from the prescribed school books. The class teacher and the librarian are always at hand to help and advise them in their reading choices.

In collège (middle school) and lycée (high school), students are welcome to come during their recess period as well as during their study hours after obtaining permission from the Vie scolaire (academic affairs) department.


Students are allowed to borrow:

  • 2 items each for students of class GS through CE1.
  • 3 items each for students of class CE2 through final year.
  • Only one item from comics, magazines and CD-ROMs can be loaned each time.


The loan period is 15 days. Any damage to a borrowed item or its loss will have to be made up by the student either by replacing it or reimbursing its cost (purchase price / supplier’s rate) to the library.

Access to online catalogue: please visit the BCDI Portal.

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