French as an additional language

Specific Program for non-francophone children

Is your child a non-French speaker and new in the school? LFID offers a program designed to give special attention to your child in imparting French oral skills and fluency to those children who are not from francophone countries and are also new to this school. This program endeavors to provide them accelerated assimilation of French language.

How does it work in Primary?

Our specially trained teacher works with your child in half hour session per day in small groups of not more than four children. Your child is conducted to a separate classroom by the teacher along with two or three other children from the same class who may also need special focus on their French. They are then offered an intensive and personalized interaction in French by participating in activities suited to their level which include singing nursery rhymes, French song rituals, readings from French story books, fun flash cards, word games, French cartoons and other language enrichment activities. The teacher works in close coordination with your child’s main class teacher. The program is for petite, moyenne & grande sections of the primary school.

How does it help?

This additional stimulus provides children an opportunity to reinforce their French oral skills and fluency. It is an extension and an integral part of the overall French immersion program at the LFID.

These daily half hourly interactive sessions are fun-filled and enjoyed by children and teacher alike. Don’t forget to ask your child what he or she did in the french class today!

How does it work in Secondary?

Our faculty teachers work with students in small groups in a dedicated language classroom. Students who are beginners will be given an intensive French as a Foreign language course. The content is customized and revolves around educational activities developing oral and written communication skills. The idea is to ensure fast-track improvement in French language so students can confortably join their ‘mainstream’ class. The French as a foreign language teacher coordinates closely with the classroom teachers. This program is for students from grade 6 to10.