LFID helps students to consider their further education options and assist with the application process.

In individual meetings with students, guidance is given on deciding areas of interest, broad destinations, the final university list and on the application process itself, which varies by country and institution.

Choosing which course to pursue or which option to follow post-secondary is not always straightforward for students. Our advice for students is to do their research early so that they are in the best possible position to meet deadlines and move forward having made their choices.

To help our students in their decision-making process, a series of presentations are made. Most of these happen between September and Februar, and the aim of the presentations is to give students insights into the nature of study in specific institutions and, more generally, in different countries.

All students are expected to research their chosen universities in detail during the summer of their Year 12/Première year, if not before. Students follow internal deadlines in order to ensure all aspects of their applications are finalised and official deadlines are met.

AGORA – French Stream Alumni AGORA

Web platform for exchange and experience sharing between current students and alumni of French International Schools Abroad on university guidance and student life.

AGORA features :

· A directory

· A forum

· Interviews

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